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$30 DSLR Review: Canon 300D in 2020 (The Original Digital Rebel!)

Newest version of this camera:

Summary: people are giving these old DSLRs for almost nothing on the used market. I picked up a Canon 300D, threw a recent 18-55mm kit lens on it, and took pictures to see how it holds up today. Lots of fun in good light, and not so fun when the light starts dropping. For $30, what more can you ask for? :)
Jayson : I really enjoyed this video. I still have a 300D. I haven't used it in years because it's so slow, but somehow I've been getting back into photography again and I just purchased an SL3. Can't wait to get it in the mail.
Car choice tach . : I have camera DS 6041 300 d I want change 18-55 Mm which now batter Lance's
Grant Gauvreau : Hey there, just found your channel! Super informative. Would you ever consider doing a challenge like this with Nikon?
Edward Kerrigan : After some years away I recently got back into photography. I was not familiar with digital and just intended to go back to film, but I soon found that the sensible way to go was digital and initially, not wanting to spend too much, I bought a bridge camera. This I found was fine, but of course a bit limited by some standards. It then occurred to me that if I could use my now redundant SLR film lenses in some way this would give me a bit more scope. A bit of research showed me that with the necessary adapters I could use them on a DSLR body, and the 300D seeming to be a prime candidate for this, I bought one on e-Bay. The lenses work fine and are giving good results, so, old as it is, it is still a very usable camera.
Petar Stipanovic : If you match this camera with a very fast lens like a Canon 50mm 1.4 or a Sigma it becomes a portrait beast. I have just returned from a photoshoot where I used it for laughs. :D The result were visually better than my m50 or 750d if you reduced their photos to 6megapixle and at iso 100.

Canon EOS 300D review (first digital Rebel from 2003)

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Darth Scissorhands : my first dslr. definitely taught me patience.
Ren Bergman : I enjoyed my DSLR 300D. It did take wonderful pictures...the rubber is sticky now but it still takes great images...but I will stick to my 70D.
Aquss33 : I have 800D (T7i) but this is impresive and I found a 13$ body on ebay
elamey fdez : How to transfer photos to your computer when you don't have the card reader and the original USB cable?
ByunBacon : Can you transfer photos using wifi?

Canon Eos 300D Review and Why I bought it!

I will soon be launching a new youtube video series on budget photography using cheap camera(s) to take some awesome images! This is why I bought this camera but before I will make the video series, I would just like to make a video review to kind of introduce it first.


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marshall blakely : Does it take photos
Peter Gibson : You wouldn't drive a perfectly good 10 year old car into a lake just because it doesn't have the very latest gizmos.
A beginner photographer wouldn't know the difference between an EOS300D and the newest DSLRS.
Git to a beginner or to charity. Stop polluting swimming pools.
Q-ingIt : I got this camera as well but my problem is is that it has dirt or dust somewhere in the body it's self or in the lenses and I can't get it out, if I look through the eye view I see specs though the image, the local shop wants to charge about twice as much as the camera is worth to clean it... any suggestions??
Yavie : Where did you get your camera?
MELINKA CHU : Is Canon EOS 300D good for filming videos for youtube?Can Canon Eos 300D film?




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